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Julius Allchin – Artist

Julius Allchin


Although I studied art in high school, it wasn’t until many years later when my son asked me to sit down and color with him that I was reminded of my love of art.  I don’t have a specific style.  I am a self-taught artist who is inspired by the world around me.  I had always done mostly pencil drawings in the past.  I wanted to try painting with acrylics and that’s where I began again.


Julius Allchin was born in New Jersey where he has lived his entire life.  He attended Ossi Vo-Tech High School now known as Burlington County Institute of Technology in Medford where he studied art.  He is a self-taught artist who does pencil drawings and murals but most of his work is acrylic paintings.  He likes to paint images of the world around him which is why his paintings can take on a photo realism style. He currently lives with his wife and son in Williamstown, New Jersey.